Gadgets Taking Over the World of Sports

Written by Bruce Hughes on . Posted in Gadgets

During the last years many gadgets revolutionized the world of sports. They just opened a multitude of possibilities that allow you to enjoy your favorite sports better, longer and at a higher intensity. Some of the gadgets that we have chosen to present to you are suitable only for a particular sport, others have a broader use.

1. Golf Rangefinder

The Golf Rangefinder is a device that helps you calculate the distance from the point where you’re standing when you use the device to a certain point in the environment that you are looking at. It is a very useful tool for golf lovers, especially for beginners because it helps them choose the right golf club for each shot. However, there is a wide variety of golf rangers on the market, so we advise you to read some golf rangefinder reviews in order to find the one which best suits your needs. Golf rangefinder reviews can also help you better understand the particular features of each gadget, a difficult task for a beginner golfer.

2. Camera Demon Helmet Camera Mount

If you like to do a sport that requires safety helmet then you can record anything that happens to you when you are wearing that helmet. There is a very secure attachable camera mount that sticks on your helmet and allows you to record anything you do from almost exactly your point of view. It would be the best if you mounted it in the middle of the helmet in order to achieve a centered view.

3. Breffo Adventure Camera Kit

If you like a sport that doesn’t require a safety helmet, then you can still record your beautiful moments with a camera. This little camera stand is very versatile since it ties itself to almost any object no matter its shape. This is a camera best suited for windsurfing, cycling or skiing. It has eight steady legs and you can wrap them around any support in order to tightly hold the camera.

4. Fit Kit Sport Case: Quirky’s Sport Gadget

If you like to listen to music while you exercise then this is a gadget that would fit amazingly to your lifestyle. It allows your hand to remain free while having with you all these objects: your keys, money, phone and bank cards.

5. Aquapac Waterproof Small Camera Case

If you like to swim then you must be aware that some gadgets nowadays allow you to take underwater pictures. If you have a pool in your backyard then this item is necessary for you. This kind of camera case fits most of the small cameras. If you own a big DSLR camera then you should probably invest in a more sophisticated waterproof camera case.

6. Withings WiFi Body Scale

This amazing body scale is great for body builders, as they need to maintain their body fat percentage to a minimum in order for the muscles to be better highlighted. However, these smart body scales are also great for common people who simply want to lose weight. There are many body fat analyzers to choose from, but according to the site, the Withings WiFi Body scale is one of the best value options. This device measures your body’s fat percentage and it sends the results to your smartphone, along with other useful data, so that you can actually see your progress.