Four steps employers have to make in recruitment processes

Written by Bruce Hughes on . Posted in Tech


The recruitment process can be daunting for potential employees, but in the same way demanding for employers, because the latters have to establish what steps they have to make long before interviewing the candidates. However, some people developed a specific road map for this process of recruitment. Many companies from the corporate system choose to hire agencies to recruit the right personnel on their behalf.

How are recruitment agencies useful?

One reason might be the fact that the company is specialised on high-tech development and the human resources department from this company does not have all the necessary knowledge about technology to sustain the recruitment process. Another one might be that the company is well known worldwide and simply cannot afford recruit under qualified personnel, as it is the case of Philips for instance. Sites such as provide more information about the process of recruitment and about jobs in various domains, including production, engineering and even information technology. Agencies, which became specialised in recruiting proper candidates for big companies developed an innovative plan of recruitment, based on the vast experience of their agents. This road map has proved to be successful for both their clients and candidates. There are four main steps that have to be done in order to obtain the best result.

Assessment of needs

The first step consists of establishing what are the company’s priorities and needs. The recruiting personnel have to have proper knowledge about the department for which they recruit candidates and have to understand what that department needs. A job description has to be prepared in detail, it has to be taken into account factors such as some of the benefits of the job, the daily schedule, and what is the candidate going to do within the company. Moreover, they should establish how many available positions are within the company in order to recruit the right number of employees and if there are any tests that have to be taken by potential employees.

Sourcing and qualifying the right candidates   

In order to have a long-term relationship with your employees, you have to be sincere from the beginning. As a result, during the first interview, the recruitment personnel has to provide a full description of the job, including the requirements and benefits of the job. The focus should be put on candidates who are willing to help the company grow and achieve its goals.

The second interviews

After the first round of interviews, candidates who best fit the company’s needs have to be brought forward. This is the moment when the company’s manager usually takes part in this second round of interviews.

Presenting the offer  

The fourth and final step in the recruitment process is presenting the offer. After deciding which candidate best fits the expectations of the company, the manager provides the offer to future employees of the company.

As a result, these steps are willing to make the recruitment process easier and less demanding for the recruitment department, especially if the company recruits for domains such as science, engineering or technology. If everything is well organized, this process will be less time consuming for the company, and the right candidates will obtain a job as soon as possible.