Four mistakes to avoid when creating an animated video

Written by Bruce Hughes on . Posted in Computer Innovations

Many managers of small companies have thought about creating a video animation in order to help their business grow. However, there are several aspects they need to consider before you actually start this project. It is important to know that there are several companies that provide this type of services, so in case you want to work with an animated video production Melbourne company, you should do some research online right away and find the best company to help you. Read a detailed list below of five of the most common mistakes to avoid when creating a video animation.

Not doing proper research

It is highly important to do your research before actually creating the video, because you need to know what the animation should be about. Even though it might be a boring or time-consuming task, it is recommended to do this, because this way you will have a great video in the end. Decide upon a style for your animation. You can choose a cartoon style animation, motion graphics or whiteboard animation.

Making the video too long

Many video designers are prone to creating videos that are too long. You agree to the fact that when you see a video that has several minutes long, in case of a presentation of a firm for instance, you either skip in between it, or you stop watching it. Make sure you design a video that has the right length and that does not bore the audience.

Not making the video visible on the site

If you want the purpose of the video to be a presentation of a company, it is recommended to make it visible on the homepage. Many small business owners are prone to making this mistake, thinking that the most suitable place for uploading their video presentation is in the ‘About us’ section. Not many website visitors will access that section, so there are high chances for that video not to be seen by the targeted audience. It should be visible on the homepage.

It is not all about animation

It is worth mentioning that animation is not the most important part in a video, but the content. It is true that the animated pictures have the role to attract people’s attention, but the focus should be more on the content. Even though you use some amateurish cutout animation, you can benefit from greater appreciation from a well-written script that presents useful and reliable information. You will not succeed in pleasing everyone, this is for sure, but at least the great majority of people visiting the website will appreciate it.