Foaster iPhone Charging Toaster

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Nowadays, people are always on the phone, trying to resolve different urging matters that cannot be delayed. So, we basically drain out the battery of our phones, and with today’s smartphones, their batteries do not last long, an average of 24 hours. Therefore, we resort to charging our batteries in the most uncanny and unexpected places, such as in bars, clubs, and mainly in every room or place where we can find an available socket.

The kitchen is one of the places where we spent a good part of our time doing activities such as eating, preparing meals, washing the dishes, etc. And so, it is obvious that at some point during the day or night we are going to charge our phone in the kitchen. We usually charge it using a standard phone dock. But the usual dock does not save your phone from water, food and other things that may affect its performance. Liquids in general are getting spilled over all the time in the kitchen, food falls off your plate, and more other of these kinds of accidents. So what can you do to protect your phone against these threats? We have for you one of the latest tech news that will improve your lifestyle in a number of ways, from helping you charge your phone, to cooking your breakfast.

The standard iPhone dock does not even allow you to use your phone case while charging your smartphone. But brighter days have come: the Foaster iPhone Charging Toaster is the ideal dock to charge you phone while in the kitchen. It is more than a good-looking, state-of-the-art charging gadget for your iPhone; it also fights against the messy cord clutter that is made from charging more that one phone on your kitchen counter. It protects your phone from liquids and food, and it does not occupy too much space either.

Maybe the most interesting and fun device for charging your phone, the Foaster iPhone Charging Toaster is actually a dual charger that not only does it allow to charge 2 iPhones at once, but also syncs them if needed. Even though it has 3 foot long cables, its design allows all cords to be stored inside it, leaving out only enough cord to reach the nearest outlet.

Foaster iPhone Charging Toaster fits perfectly into your kitchen, after all, it looks just like a toaster! The latest charging gadget is compatible with  iPhone 5, iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. If you are one of the first 300 people to pledge towards this project, you can purchase one such device, in the color you want for $79 (with $10 less the anticipated retail price). These were the latest tech news, we hope you found them useful and will come back for more informative articles on all gadget and technology news.

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