Figure out which metal detector is best for you

Written by Bruce Hughes on . Posted in Tech

Metal detecting for treasures introduces people to a world of experiences and outdoor adventures, not to mention that it can be a good way for them and their families to join in America’s fastest growing. People who not have purchased a metal detector before usually seek the advice of experts. Each and every time experts are asked by customers which metal detector is the best one ever made. While this may seem like a fair question taking into consideration that you spend a considerable amount of money, there is nonetheless a flaw in the question. What you should be asking an expert is “Which is the best metal detector for me?” In fact, this question can be answered with a series of questions. The best device is the one that is right for your personal needs and wants. Therefore, you should take into account a couple of aspects to find the right one for you.

What you want to find

The vast majority of electronic instruments that detect the presence of metal are all-purpose, which means that they are capable of finding anything from coins, jewelry, relics to gold. The good news is that they are available in everyone’s price range. Brands such as Bounty Hunter and Garret Ace are ideal for finding anything that you could want. They are incredibly easy to use by beginners, retirees and seniors, not to mention that they are very affordable. If you are planning on having fun and adventure while at the same time getting some exercise, there are many places where you can go coin and jewelry hunting. In this sense, you will want an all-purpose device with extraordinary pinpointing abilities and discrimination features to eliminate trash and junk targets. Look at the Fisher F4, a customer favorite with affordable prices and automatic features.

How much money you have budgeted

If you are buying your first metal detector, then you should consider your usual purchasing habits because they relate to other items as well. Are you in the habit of buying top of the line products with a lot of features or do your prefer simplicity? Another aspect that you should consider is whether you are the “point and shoot” type or if you like to make a number of adjustments. If you are going to use the electronic instrument many hours a week, then you will want a detector that has many electronic features. This information is essential when you are looking at electronic instruments that detect the presence of metal. The price of a device increases in relationship to the number of features that it has.

How much experience you actually have

Again, if you have never metal detected before, then you should not worry due to the fact that there are many modern machines that feature Quick Start setting which make treasure hunting as simple as installing batteries. With a simple push of a button, pre-set discrimination settings will allow you to find coins and gold nuggets. Additionally, automatic tuning will help you calibrate the detector for various ground conditions and cancel out interferences.