Everything you need to know about setting up a virtual office

Written by Bruce Hughes on . Posted in Business


No matter what kind of professional you are, you should definitely set up a virtual office. You have the opportunity to work from any place by using your laptop or smartphone and the time to get up and running is reduced drastically. Let us not forget about the significant costs savings. A virtual office is essentially a work environment that is not timely or time consuming.  More and more companies in Singapore turn to virtual offices and it is not difficult to understand why. If you are looking to launch your own business, but you are not tempted to set up a brick and mortar location, follow these steps.

Choose a virtual office address

Location is essential. Even if you work from home in your pyjamas, you have to maintain a professional image. The great thing is that virtual offices offer countless opportunities when it comes to choosing an address. When you select a virtual office address Singapore, find a spot that is most convenient to your customers, not to you. You have to keep in mind the market segment you cater to. Choose a location that best suits your business priorities. Also, you should check the rates and fees. The likelihood is that you will not be able to afford the most exclusive locations from the very beginning. No matter if you are renting or paying a membership fee, know how much you have to pay.

Items you need to set up a virtual office

When running a business, you cannot do without pen, paper, staples or post-its. You need these supplies and you need plenty of them. The last thing you want is to run out of necessary supplies. Having storage units is just as important as having office supplies. Even if you are running the company from the comfort of your home, make sure that you have a filling cabinet, desk organisers, and a bookcase.

Phone and mobile systems

If you have a virtual office, your business will have to get by with a virtual phone system. What you need is a cloud-based phone system. Why? Because it lets you create many phone numbers. You can also create Freephone numbers. Having a cloud-based phone system offers many other benefits. You have full control over the means of communication and you can operate from multiple locations. On the other hand, you could just use your mobile phone. The office cell phone will be with you at all times and you have great applications for business.

As you can see, setting up a virtual office involves a lot of work. You can spare yourself the trouble though. Virtual office services are available for a fixed fee. You will not have to worry about things like collecting mails and parcels or incoming faxes. All of this will be taken care of by a second party. You do not have to commute, you can work from varied locations and, most importantly, you enjoy increased productivity. So, what are you waiting for?