Electric Shaver Features that Revolutionize the Shaving Experience

Written by Bruce Hughes on . Posted in Family, Gadgets

Giving the technological era that we live in, we are provided with more and more functional devices that can help us complete all our daily chores faster and easier. Electric shavers are no exception, as they are equipped with incredible features that can make shaving less stressful for all men. Therefore, if you decided that is time to start using a professional machine for eliminating even hairs that grow in different directions, you need to search for the following features.

Opt for an electric shave that comes with a flexible pivoting head

Using an electric shaver that can mold to the contours of your face gives you the possibility to capture hairs that are located in difficult-to-reach areas like the chin, jawline and neck. Furthermore, men with thick, long hairs that grow in different directions should consider using a rotary electric shaver, especially if they don’t like to shave daily. However, no matter the type of shaver that you decide on, make sure that it incorporates a flexible pivoting head.

Search for a powerful motor

According to electricshavers.reviews, if you have sensitive skin, it is not enough to look for fancy comfort features such as vibrations or icy features. For sensitive skins, the most recommended shavers are the ones with powerful motors as the more powerful a motor is, the less chances there are to deal with pulling and tugging. There is nothing more unpleasant than using a shaver which pulls hairs while operating. Therefore, we advise you to look for a device that comes with a powerful motor, because blades that rotate very fast enable a smooth operation, eliminating the risk of hair tugging. Moreover, investing money in a shaver that comes with an OptiFoil technology is the best thing you can do when you want to avoid skin irritations that are usually caused by the blades.

Consider a waterproofed electric shaver

Most shaving tools feature an innovative technology that enables operation on both dry and wet skin. Therefore, men have the opportunity to use their shaver in the car, at the stop light of the semaphore, when they are late for a meeting, or they can use it in the shower with shaving gel for obtaining smoother results.

Look for a device that integrates a hair trimmer

If you like to follow tendencies, you surely have noticed that most men like to create trendy beard designs. In order to create a stylish look, you need to use a shaving tool that comes with a trimmer, because only that way you can get the accuracy that you need to style your beard, mustache and sideburns. So, keep in mind to consider all your needs before deciding to buy a specific model. After all, a high-quality electric shaver should be able to offer you more benefits than just cutting hair.