Choosing an online data backup provider – cloud backup service checklist

Written by Bruce Hughes on . Posted in Internet

Investing some money in a cloud data backup service is a smart move for many businesses. Because data can be easily lost, either due to a system breakdown or an equipment theft, you should always be prepared for any situation to avoid a business disaster. When it comes to online data backup service, you will find a wide range of offers to choose from, with a simple search online. However, it is important to select a backup solution suitable for the requirements of your business. Being such crucial decision for the safety of your business, you should be extremely careful when selecting a backup provider. Here are some aspects you should consider, when you are making this decision:


Before making any decisions, think about how much storage you would need. You have the possibility of choosing from 1GB to unlimited space, depending on your requirements. Of course, the space you can benefit from is usually linked to the price you will need to pay. Although the provider might be able to offer you the solution you require, think about your budget and how much data storage space you can really afford.

Backup frequency

Because both yourself and your employees are probably updating information and working on new files every day, you need to be certain that all the latest version are backed up in the system. Therefore, you should ask the vendor about the frequency with which your data is being backed up, and how the software works to do that.


Although, you might seem to know how much storage you will require temporarily, in time the needs of your business might grow. It is important to consider this aspect right from the start. The number of computers used might increase, you might hire more employees, and your overall needs may change in a way or another. Look for a service that can offer you agility and scalability, allowing your backup to grow as your business grows as well. By resorting to the right provider, which will provide you with flexible solutions, you will not need to choose nor pay for unlimited space right from the start.


Last but not least, you should inform yourself about the security of the backup software provided. The number of Cybercriminals is growing bigger every day, using more sophisticated methods to break into cloud software and to access important information. Discuss with your vendor and find out how safe is your data and how it is being protected. At least 256-bit encryption should be something to look for.

As you can see, you should pay close attention to a few details, when you are selecting a provider. Because you probably have important files that need to be secured and protected, the software or service provider you opt for is extremely important. To avoid any possible inconveniences or even work-related disasters, keep these few aspects in mind, when you are making a choice. Study the market, find out what your options are, compare them and make your choice wisely.