Card payment machines – the latest innovations

Written by Bruce Hughes on . Posted in Family

Global payment technology has had many breakthroughs in the past few years introducing portable card terminals and advanced encryption for increased security. You can say that humanity has come a long way from paying with seeds to swiping a card to finish a money transaction and even paying with virtual money like Bitcoin. It is expected that in the future people will no longer use real money and everything will be paid digitally either using a card or another secure form of identification. The smartphone industry already made a big leap by introducing the e-wallet, but there is still a long way until the time when countertop card machine are rendered useless especially now when tremendous improvements have been brought to terminals in terms of hardware and software as well as design. A countertop card machine that uses the latest technology to ensure fast payment processing, multi-application performance and intuitive response is difficult to replace or improve, but manufacturers have never stopped to impress with their ingenuity and desire to create better terminals.

Payment technology

The chip and pin, magstripe and phone order payments are all accepted by the same terminal, not to mention that they accept any king of credit and debit cards. In the past, retail store required the use of a number of terminals at the same countertop to ensure that they will be able to process all payments. Having to refuse payments is out of the question with the latest countertop card machines. It is more convenient and profitable for a business to use the latest payment technology, as it will increase productivity and the satisfaction of their customers.


Easy to use and to install

The latest payment processing terminals are also created with user experience in mind. They have a compact, ergonomic design, so they are easily maneuverable, while the installation requires no technical knowledge. If the self-installation feature is not enough to convince you of the ease of use, add the fact that these machines offer in-built diagnostics with the help of dedicated call centers.



When it comes to money transactions, security is essential and the latest card terminals do not fall short in this respect. The advanced encryption codes and security measures make sure that any fraudulent attempt will be detected and deflected. The security of the card payment terminals is always upgraded and improved, so incidents of retail businesses or individuals suffering from a security breach are almost impossible to encounter. The machines are built to protect data even in exceptional cases.



Card terminals manufacturers and developers focused on improving connectivity to ensure that faster payment processing. Wireless, Bluetooth and dial connections are possible with the same device that falls back to dial connection whenever the Internet connection fails to ensure that all payments are processed in due time without causing inconvenience to customers.