Car innovation ideas that surprised the world

Written by Bruce Hughes on . Posted in Family

Even though it is hard to believe, the last few years were paramount in the world of automotive. Why? The answer is right in front of you: huge brands out there started to bring innovations to their products and people started to enjoy adding up to their driving experience. Yet, there are two sides of the story that you might want to know about, and some of these innovations could actually mean danger. This is the reason why many people opt for safe, reliable cars. Take as an example the latest Honda HR-V, a SUV that never ceases to amaze car passionate people. You can learn about Edmunds and the Honda HR-V, if you are low on a budget, and you might have more to gain that you believe at the moment. See here some ideas that entirely surprised the world the moment they appeared.

Self-driving cars

Tesla came up with an idea that shocked everybody: autonomous driving. At this moment, taxis that drive themselves to a certain destination should be already found on the streets. Even though the idea sounds appealing, there are many disadvantages and possible risks of it. If only you could think about all the accidents that could happen because of a technical mistake. People should be aware that fully relying on an autonomous car at the moment is not the brightest idea ever, because it still works as a concept. Once this is going to be fully stabilized, there is a change that it might completely change the way people think about driving.

Augmented reality

Since virtual and augmented reality started to be popular, it was included in all existent sector of life. For instance, one of the many uses of augmented reality would be predicting the road ahead of you. Some car brands already developed augmented reality systems and included them into the computer board. This step further could be really useful considering the fact that the human eye is not capable of observing each and everything that’s happening on their way. Yet, using augmented reality will allow the driver to safely avoid potential threats present on the road. For instance, when an animal happens to be in the middle of a forest road, too far for you to see it, the computer will notice you about its presence, so you won’t be forced to avoid the impact right before.