Blister prevention socks – the latest sports innovation

Written by Bruce Hughes on . Posted in Family

When thinking about innovation, people often tend to take into account only big events and inventions that bring great changes to the world as we know it without realizing that innovation is in fact hidden in the little things, the simple inventions that make our lives more comfortable. Things like solving the number one problem all athletes have to face, the foot blister, are often going unnoticed, but they make a great difference especially in the life of those running and exercising every single day. It is needless to mention that blisters are not only a simple painful inconvenience for an athlete, but also a reason of despair, because it can affect their performance during a competition. More than that, a blister can alter the running form of an athlete making him prone to more serious injuries to the knee and hip. Often the need for a certain innovation is what makes us call it an innovation in the first place. This is why the appearance of a product like blister prevention socks can have a great impact on the dedicated market. Athletes often have to live with blisters every day, because they cannot possibly stop training to let every single one heal, especially when they know a new one will form in its stead.

Blisters appear as a consequence of sweat, friction and heat in this exact order. In other words, the perspiration causes the friction, which in turn creates heat. The combination between fiction and heat on the skin determines the development of the blisters, which are painful and difficult to heal, unless you stop walking and running. This means that someone doing sports that has to take great care of their health and especially of their feet could only try to prevent the blisters from infecting in the past, because there were no effective solutions to prevent the injury from appearing. Of course, sports socks have their benefits, but their main objective is not the prevention of blisters, which means athletes had no escape. Blisters have always been the plague of athletes, but blister prevention socks have put a stop to that. The thin socks that allow the feet to breathe properly and stop the sweating have revolutionized the market, because athletes can now focus all their efforts and attention on their performance.


In sports, the most important thing is the comfort of the athlete. Unless you are a superhuman, your body cannot possibly ignore the injury and preserve your best running form on the field. Without you even noticing the discomfort created by blisters and the heat you experience after a long effort will alter the way in which you run and affect your overall performance. When only a millisecond makes the difference between first and second place, a little blister or a defective pair of shoes can make or break a sports star. This is why blister prevention socks that use the latest technology to prevent your feet from sweating and heating while you run and exercise are considered a long awaited innovation among athletes.