Best Apps that Help You Clear Your Mind and Destress

Written by Bruce Hughes on . Posted in Family

We all go through rough moments in our lives and we all need some methods to de-stress and relax. There may be so many reasons why you feel this way. Whether your relationship isn’t going great or the work life is dragging you down, you certainly need to find some effective relaxation methods. But luckily, developers have already thought of people like you and created some smart apps that have this concern at their base. Below are some of the most effective apps that will help you clear your mind and relax.


This is an amazing mind mapper app that will help you trick your mind into becoming calmer and more relaxed. At any time, you most probably have your mind flooded with so much information and thoughts that is becoming increasingly difficult to focus on a single important thing. Well, MindMeister is an app that is available on a variety of interfaces and works wonderfully on iOS and Android as well. The method is inspired by the ones used in holistic treatment centers for depression and PTSD.

Using this app makes the process of organizing and prioritizing your thoughts incredibly easy. Plus, it includes multiple tools to create a map and personalize those with different themes and colors. The app also allows an easy collaboration between users that want to help one another to organize and map their thoughts.

Ambi Pro

Ambi Pro is a relaxation app that generates ambient noises to help you relax. What is special about this app is that it concentrates on using different ambient noises that never repeat instead of using looping audio recordings. These changing noises contribute to inducing a state of relaxation but also concentration. The app allows the user to change the noises and create their own combination. Ambient noises are also recommended by the expert therapists at the Holistic Sanctuary as an amazing relaxation method.


Calm is another app that works like a charm when it comes to relaxing and giving your mind a break. While ambient noises may do wonders for many, for other, those may be simply annoying. Calm focuses on another relaxation method, meditation. While it is a great app for beginners, those more who are more trained in the meditation art can also make a great use of this app.

If you ever feel stressed an unable to find your peace of mind, make sure to try one of these amazing apps.