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Olloclip 3-in-1 Macro Photography Kit

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For all those photography geeks out there who own an iPhone, we have some good news to deliver. The new Olloclip 3-in-1 Macro Photography Kit has been recently released! This new lens adapter means macro photography shots taken with your own iPhone. According to the latest gadget news, this devise is a must have for all passionate photographers but can also make a perfect present for your father, if he likes to be up to date with the latest technologies and gadgets. There are dedicated online platforms, such as, where you can find various gift suggestions, but keep in mind this late hour tool kit.

The Olloclip 3-in-1 Macro Photography Kit is compatible with Apple’s smartphones iPhone 5 or iPhone 5s and thus achieving to turn a smartphone into a digital microscope that can be used in the fields of zoology, medicine, dentistry, forensics, botany, etc.

Providing a high level of magnification, 7x Macro, 14x Macro and 21x Macro, and having a it manages to focus on details and textures that cannot be easily seen with the bare eye which has a narrower field of view and a higher grade of bokeh. Even though the Olloclip 3-in-1 Macro Photography Kit is made of expensive components, such as aircraft grade aluminum for the barrels and a soft plastic material that ensures a safe fit each type you attach it to you iPhone, people from Olloclip believe their customers will appreciate the quality of the lens adapter.

Olloclip 3-in-1 Macro Photography Kit ultimately delivers first-class results and is also easy to use. The new lens adapter for iPhone is available to purchase at the price of $70. As we mentioned above, it features 3 lenses that can be changed quickly and easily to fit your photographic needs. The 3 lenses provide:

  • 7x macro – this is the lowest magnifying lens. It offers a wider field of view (FOV) with minimal bokeh (aesthetic blur in out-of-focus areas). The field of view is approximately 2 cm.
  • 14x macro – it provides medium magnification. The field of view is approximately 1.5 cm.
  • 21x macro – at this level of magnification it offers you details and textures that are not easily seen with the naked eye, and it provides a higher degree of bokeh. The field of view is close to 1 cm in diameter. When using the 21x macro lens, the Olloclip 3-in-1 Macro Photography Kit will transform your iPhone into the portable and performing microscope that you can put your hands on nowadays.

With its great design and flexibility, Olloclip 3-in-1 Macro Photography Kit certainly is our first choice when it comes to the latest phone gadgets available for iPhones. It makes a great gift for photography  or science enthusiasts who want to analyze everything and then capture the moment by taking a picture. Photography is an art that requires a lot more than just talent. In order for a picture to be realistic and capture the essence of a subject, one must use professional photographic tools. Fortunately, the latest gadget news feature numerous photography devices that can easily be used by anyone who is passionate about taking pictures.

Financial Advice for Young Families

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Starting a family brings a lot of changes in a person’s life, actually in two persons’ lives. It brings an immense joy, but also new responsibilities, thus changing your priorities and point of view on life. You will want to offer your children everything, offer them the best conditions to achieve anything they want from life. Part of the possibilities you are trying to offer them are based on investing money: either in their education and thus their future, or in their current comfort, such as the house they live in, assuring they have got everything they need in order to be happy and healthy.

Therefore, you will certainly need some pieces of financial advice for young families, especially if you already have money problems and over-stretched finances. Even though you may need a larger home, or a bigger car, or even another car, do not hurry to make a loan before even consulting a professional in this field. Moreover, it is probably a good idea to review your mortgage. Perhaps you are paying more than you need to because your original deal has come to an end.

In addition, another good financial advice for young families is thinking about pensions and retirement. By now, you should already be saving money for when you can no longer work; this means making regular supplies into either a corporate pension scheme or your personal pension plan. You should set aside a part of your paycheck for your pension account. The temptation of spending all your paycheck will be quite great for most of us to handle, but now you have a family, so do not take this lightly. You will be responsible for another human being. You should not skip any payments into your pension funds even though you are feeling financially strained. Your children, you, and your spouse will largely depend on this in the future, so you will thank yourself later for this; if you follow the advice, of course.

Another financial advice for young families is to save money actively. You do not have to save a lot of money per day. Even if you are, for example, setting at least $10 aside for later use, it will be enough if you keep up this rate on a daily basis. Just think about it, you will be saving 3560 dollars per year. And it could be an even larger amount if you are willing, and if you can afford putting away even more than 10 dollars per day. Just try to continue saving and do not postpone it!

Taxikick App Review

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Are you tired of opportunistic, arrogant, and rude taxi drivers? Taxi drivers who want to charge you more for the fare, who are disrespectful and/or even worse? You no longer need to accept this. Taxikick App is a great application that allows you to submit your opinion, your report on the taxi driver that you consider to have caused you any type of trouble.

It is a very easy to use app and a very useful one, as well. The app is free of charge and you can find it online. The app was developed by Pencil Rocket, which is a tech organization with its office in Manila. It is composed of developers and web-designers. It is said to be released as a mobile app that works on devices with iOS and Android; however, in the meanwhile, for now, there are commuters that take you directly to the site, which is optimized for mobile users, as well.

They said the feedback for the great Taxikick App has been mostly positive. In addition, most users request improvements to be made to it. Thus, it seems that Taxikick App gathered quite a lot of fans. And we do not need to wonder why. An app like this is great for detecting all those bad taxi drivers.

So, we have tried the app for those of you who did not get the chance to try it, and we have to tell you, we highly recommend it! We could not be more satisfied with it. Here are the instructions on how to use Taxikick App, even though, as we mentioned above, it is very easy to use. It works on a simple principle: you just go to the site, then you enter the plate number of the taxi that did not please you in some way, you select the type of violation from the drop-down menu. After that, you describe your situation, as detailed as you want your complaint to be, so if you want people to know exactly your story and exactly how bad the driver is, you can offer them as much information as you want. The final step you need to do is to press “Kick this taxi!” and you are done. The application then emails the details on the offending taxi driver to the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB). As we could notice, most complaints are regarding overcharging and rude behavior.

Review for Bubbly App

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Bubbly is a social app, a voice service and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. The Bubbly app is optimized for iPhone 5 and it requires iOS 6.0 or later. Its users can record their voice by dialing a short code and speaking, as well as listen to popular posts. The subscribers of the application will receive a text with a short code represented by a number for dialing into Bubbly’s servers in order to play back the voice message. Bubbly was released for the first time in April 2012, for smartphone  users with iOS and Android platforms.

The Bubbly app was developed by the Singapore-based association that was previously known as Bubble Motion and which was established in the year 2005. The company later changed its name to Bubbly. Bubbly received funding from an angel investor of $5 million in March 2004.

In 2010, the total number of subscribers on Bubbly exceeded 2 million and 3 years later in February 2013, Bubbly exceeded 25 million users and in July, it announced to have a user base of over  30 million people. Bubbly app permits users to create their own voice blog in 90 seconds and to subscribe to various celebrities who also own Bubbly accounts, obviously. The latest update of bubbly app on iOS and Android platform allows users to employ effects, filters that allow users to modify and enhance their voices and they can also add background music to their voice posts. They may also add a photograph and even text to a maximum of 140 characters . We are certain that this platform will soon draw the attention of a lot of big companies who will want to be visible on all possible markets. It is important for a business to keep in touch with such trends in order to always be ahead of the competition. In order to do so, one should subscribe to a tech website. Our favorite one so far is On this website, you will find a lot of useful information about the latest gadgets and software but also about popular apps. Bubbly App is but one of the many apps that are fun for social victims but can also be profitable for businesses.

The latest update (version 3.5 released on December 9th , 2013, the size of it is 27.7 MB) of Bubbly app for iOS and Android enables users to apply voice filters, effects, and background music to their voice posts. Users may also add photograph and text up to 140 characters to each other, and share their post on other social networking services, for example they can share it on Facebook and Twitter.

Bubbly app is commonly called by many of its users the “Twitter for voice” and is the most popular app to share audio messages to your friends. So, if you want to keep in touch with your friends and be abreast of the trend you should give it a try, you have nothing to lose. We gave it a try and we liked it, that is why we recommend it to you, too. Anyone can use it and it’s great fun, and you may even have the surprise to discover there was a little artist inside you.

Presenting the Lightstrap iPhone Case

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Taking good pictures at night or in a dimly lit room or any closed or open space is difficult enough even when using a professional camera, but trying to do this with your camera phone may be considered madness by some people. Most of us think taking good pictures in the conditions mentioned above is quite impossible to achieve, but they could not be more wrong. Lightstrap iPhone Case is the answer for all of the nonbelievers out there.

Lightstrap iPhone Case is the newest gadget, and probably the only gadget of this type, which resolves all light problems for your iPhone 5 or iPhone 5s smartphone. Many of you have probably encountered problems with the built-in camera flash of the mentioned smartphone, finding it a little weak for their needs. And, indeed it is, as most phone cameras are when it comes to pictures taken in dimly lit places or taken at night. This unique and useful gadget has become a must-have even in the world of photographers, and we will further explain to you why.

Lightstrap iPhone Case is the new iPhone flash case that offers you 10 times more light than the standard LED flash of your iPhone’s camera. It will help you capture the images that you were trying to capture with your regular phone. With the help of 2 buttons on the case, you can choose from 7 levels of brightness and 6 levels of color temperature. You can adjust these settings until you obtain the desired effect. Now, you may be asking about the phone’s battery and how this flash case may affect it. Lightstrap iPhone Case runs on it own internal battery, so it will not drain the battery of your phone, as its manufacturers, Brick & Pixel promise us 500 + flashes or 30 minutes of video.

Below are some pictures taken in weak light conditions, so you can decide for yourself, but we believe it is a wonder gadget any iPhone owner would be proud to have. As it has been released just a few days ago, it is sold at the price of $87, but once the first stock runs out, getting your own Lightstrap iPhone Case will cost you $97. It is not an average or low price for a phone case, but neither what it can do is common.

Professional use a ring light to get the distinctive look seen in magazines like Vogue. Lightstrap iPhone Case brings the advanced lighting technology used by professional photographers to your own iPhone, that is why many have already chosen to buy it. No more harsh shadows, red eye or paleness, negative aspects usually linked to standard flash photography, now your subjects will be photographed in soft and flattering light.

As you can see, technology has advanced greatly in the last years. A phone is no longer just a mean of communication but also an indispensable tool which can be used for numerous tasks. There are numerous gadgets and apps that are designed specifically for photography enthusiasts. If you are interested in discovering similar gadgets and apps, you should check the latest tech releases. We found a lot of useful tech reviews on A website like this can help you understand the characteristics of each gadget and app so that you can choose the ones which will help you take the best pictures.


Types of Parenting

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Parents have a huge impact on their children’s lives. Many of them may not realize just how important and how great the influence they can exercise upon them is. There are four major types of parenting which have been first introduced by Dr. Diane Baumrind. These types of parenting consist of various types of responses towards a child’s behavior. Your child’s behavior is directly influenced by your behavior towards the child, by your type of response in answer to the child’s actions.

Thus, studying the central traits of your parenting style can help determine the way the child’s behavior is affected by yours. However a parent chooses to act, speak, to  interact with someone else or with the child largely impacts the development of the child, since the moment they are born. In her research, through naturalistic observation, parenting interviews and other methods used in this type of researches, psychologist Diana Baumrind has found that there are four main types of parenting:

  • Authoritative: parents who exercise this type of parenting are forgiving, attentive, teach their child what proper behavior means and they also enforce a set of rules, and if the child does not follow their rules, they are punished, and in case the child follows their rules they are rewarded. This is the most balanced type among the four types of parenting found by Dr. Diane Baumrind.
  • Authoritarian: this type of parent has high expectations from the child but does not communicate enough with the child. This parent sets rules and limits but does not explain why the child should not act that way; the parent does not offer any logical reasoning for the rules and limits imposed. These parents are also known to enforce harsh punishments.
  • Permissive: This is one of the types of parenting that is not highly recommended. The parents become more friends with their child rather than parents and do not have any expectations from them; they also allow the child to make their own decisions, which is not always the best way to teach your child a lesson.
  • Uninvolved: these parents neglect their child by putting themselves first instead of putting their child’s life first. They offer their child the basic needs but they do not interact enough with the child. They are uninvolved in their child’s life.

Dr. Diane Baumrind discovered that the most ideal and balanced of the types of parenting  is the  Authoritative style. This parenting style leads to an independent, mature and socially accountable child. At the opposite end is the Uninvolved style, which often leads to children turning into delinquents.

Foaster iPhone Charging Toaster

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Nowadays, people are always on the phone, trying to resolve different urging matters that cannot be delayed. So, we basically drain out the battery of our phones, and with today’s smartphones, their batteries do not last long, an average of 24 hours. Therefore, we resort to charging our batteries in the most uncanny and unexpected places, such as in bars, clubs, and mainly in every room or place where we can find an available socket.

The kitchen is one of the places where we spent a good part of our time doing activities such as eating, preparing meals, washing the dishes, etc. And so, it is obvious that at some point during the day or night we are going to charge our phone in the kitchen. We usually charge it using a standard phone dock. But the usual dock does not save your phone from water, food and other things that may affect its performance. Liquids in general are getting spilled over all the time in the kitchen, food falls off your plate, and more other of these kinds of accidents. So what can you do to protect your phone against these threats? We have for you one of the latest tech news that will improve your lifestyle in a number of ways, from helping you charge your phone, to cooking your breakfast.

The standard iPhone dock does not even allow you to use your phone case while charging your smartphone. But brighter days have come: the Foaster iPhone Charging Toaster is the ideal dock to charge you phone while in the kitchen. It is more than a good-looking, state-of-the-art charging gadget for your iPhone; it also fights against the messy cord clutter that is made from charging more that one phone on your kitchen counter. It protects your phone from liquids and food, and it does not occupy too much space either.

Maybe the most interesting and fun device for charging your phone, the Foaster iPhone Charging Toaster is actually a dual charger that not only does it allow to charge 2 iPhones at once, but also syncs them if needed. Even though it has 3 foot long cables, its design allows all cords to be stored inside it, leaving out only enough cord to reach the nearest outlet.

Foaster iPhone Charging Toaster fits perfectly into your kitchen, after all, it looks just like a toaster! The latest charging gadget is compatible with  iPhone 5, iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. If you are one of the first 300 people to pledge towards this project, you can purchase one such device, in the color you want for $79 (with $10 less the anticipated retail price). These were the latest tech news, we hope you found them useful and will come back for more informative articles on all gadget and technology news.

Review for StartsWith App

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StartsWith app is the latest universal app compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad created by New Horizon Media. It is a word-building game that keeps your interest along the way! Its updated version, StartsWith 1.4, was released on August the 26th 2013.

This application runs on iOS 5.0 or later, being optimized for iPhone 5. StartsWith app actually starts with the story of how the library of Alexandria has burnt. Consequently, thousands of books, manuscripts and scrolls have been lost. It is known that the Royal Library of Alexandria, or Ancient Library of Alexandria was one of the largest and most complex libraries of the ancient world. It was located (obviously) in Alexandria, Egypt.

So, what is your role in the game? Well, if you are ready to feel a bit like Indiana Jones, only a little nerdier and less adventurous, you should go on Apple’s website and download the app, because it is definitely something you would enjoy! You will help save the words in the dictionary of English language, one of the books that suffered damage during the fire. Thus, your task is to complete the dictionary by guessing the words missing. You are provided with the meaning of the word, its dictionary definition and for the second clue, as you may have expected from the name of the game, you are offered the first letter of the word that needs to be guessed.

To be honest, the StartsWith app gave us a bit of a headache. So children, do not try this at home, or anywhere you can bring this game with you, or… try it, but at your own risk! Leaving the jokes aside, this game is really not for children who have just started to learn the English language. It is (or can be) quite difficult even for adults who possess average English language skills, even when played at the Easy level. This fact may limit the public, though the actual targeted public will definitely enjoy all the little traps and intricacies that may arise while playing it.

Although if it gets a little hard even for those who do possess the required language skills, you can use hints for every clue. These will offer you the next letter of the word you are trying to guess. However, do not get too comfortable with these hints because your score will be reduced at the end, when the word is guessed. Sounds are played will typing to help you know if you are on the right track or not. The more points you gain, the more levels you will be able to play. First level of the StartsWith app is Zameen (Earth) and the hardest level that you will play to is Aacharya (Teacher or Master). Apart from the name of the levels and the background music, which we find quite confusing and uncanny for a game that is in English and about the English dictionary, thus overall centered around the English language and because of the setting of the game, too (Alexandria, Egypt). However, its developers have Indian connections, so that must be the answer to our surprise.

To conclude with, the game is very fun and ideal for people who want to improve their vocabulary. StartsWith app is available for free in a Lite variant, or for the price of $0.99 in a full version. Our recommendation is to but the full game as it features 30,000 words and four levels while the free version has fewer words and it begins to repeat them very quickly. If you’re interested in finding similar apps, check out, and you will get all the reviews you need to stay in touch with mobile innovations that make our lives easier and a lot funner.

Movie Tarot App Review

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Going to the movies is one pleasant activity of spending your free time. However, we sometimes find ourselves regretting going to the cinema, or renting/buying that DVD. One reason for feeling that way is because we always enter a cinema with great expectations. Of course, it is mainly our fault, our opinion based on the movie trailer we viewed. Some people are just better at detecting bad movies from good ones just by seeing the movie trailer. Most of the times the movie is so bad that it just makes you walk out of the cinema even after watching half of it. We walk out of there, with a bitter taste in our mouth and a loud though in our head “If only I had known!” But those days are gone, now there is an app for this, as well. The Movie Tarot app allows you to enter the movie hall with valuable knowledge about the movie you are going to watch.

Movie Tarot app does exactly what its name states: just as tarot cards, it foresees how the movie fares at the box office and foresees its performance in the theaters. An app for knowing in advance whether a movie is worth watching or not is useful enough, but knowing this even before the release of the movie is already too… magical, too good to be true. But it is true, it is actually as downloadable as it gets.

Movie Tarot app came out in March 2013 and it hit over 2,000 downloads within 5 days of its launch, making it a must-have among movie lovers. The application is available for android and collects and selects data regarding movies from different sources such as: forums, blogs, reviews on  the internet, Facebook and Twitter feeds, videos and other sites. The data is then analyzed and compiled in order to provide a valid and logical result. The company underlying Movie Tarot is named  “RIAFY” and was founded by 6 engineering students.

The application gives a tarot card to every forthcoming movie that is about to be released. The original feature called “Happiness Quotient” points the percentage of people who have watched the movie and are truly happy with it. Obviously, the higher the Happiness Quotient, the better the movie is and the better your chances are of enjoying it. The application uses among other qualifications, the word “Sleeper” which is a term used when a for movie even if it has failed to get a good opening, it still runs with success for a long time. Movie Tarot app takes only a few moments to download and does not even occupy a lot of space on your phone, just 819KB.

Grocery Gadget App Review

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When planning those big holiday meals, staying organized at the supermarket is key. Flixoft’s Grocery Gadget app is a definite must-have! We have tested many grocery gadget applications, but the one that caught our eye is the Grocery Gadget Shopping List. This shopping management system will help your family save money and time at home and, most important, at the grocery store.

It is much easier to use your phone than to take out a notebook and a pen and write down items or write them off the list, after you have bought them. Moreover, when checking items you have bought on your physical list, on your paper list that is, your items will still be there, written on the list, although they are marked or checked in some way. This can be quite frustrating, as you see the item over and over, when verifying your list to see what you need to buy next. With the Grocery Gadget app, when you check the purchased items, they become hidden and you cannot see them anymore on your virtual shopping list, thus offering you a clear view of the items left to buy.

You can log in your item using the Grocery Gadget app’s bar code or type them in your phone or in the app’s web portal. Your data automatically syncs with every mobile device in your household, therefore making it easier for your spouse or girlfriend/boyfriend to know what you have already bought and thus saving you precious time searching an item that may have already been purchased by someone else in your family.

At the store, the Grocery Gadget app pays attention; it learns your item order as you check them off your list, saving you time on your next trip. Grocery Gadget app also helps you save money! You can search for e-coupons offers that match your shopping list. You can even prevent your loved ones from buying the wrong item at the store, just by taking a photo so they can see exactly what you had in mind when making the list. Grocery Gadget app features a real time data backup and you can import data from other applications.

Grocery Gadget App is available in two downloadable versions: the Lite version which is free and the Full version which costs $3.99. Grocery Gadget app was updated on July 16th 2013 to version for iOS 5.0 or later. This app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch and is available in: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese and Russian. There are As we see it, it is a must-have app, especially now, with the holidays knocking on our doors, when we actually need more time seek various time-saving options.

Samsung DA-F61 Bluetooth Speaker

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Portable Bluetooth speakers are extremely sought after, their sales reaching all-time levels. Now, a new device has also joined the trend – Samsung DA-F61 Bluetooth Speaker, offering a superior build with perfect sound quality. Even though, on paper this bluetooth speaker from Samsung seems to be a simple product, Samsung ensured that all its features are up to date with the latest technology.

Modern technology is advancing very fast and new products are being released each day. As so, it can be very difficult to keep in touch with the latest gadget and app releases. In order to be informed about the latest gadget releases, it is important to subscribe to a tech news blog or website. Our favorite one is where you can find plenty of information about Bluetooth speakers and many other interesting gadgets.  The specifications of the brand new Samsung DA-F61 Bluetooth Speaker are: Bluetooth 3.0 with apt-X CSR, Bass Boost, 3.5mm minijack input, Near Field Communication support (NFC), Neodymium speaker drivers and passive subwoofer. These specifications make it one of the most wanted type of bluetooth speakers to be released in 2013. Now let us detail what is “under the hood”:

Firstly, its Bluetooth 3.0 represents the newest transition of the wireless technology. This latest wi-fi technology is supported by apt-X CSR to offer sound quality an extra boost over the regular A2DP system. It also has SoundShare, a great feature that lets you emit sound from a compatible Samsung TV to the DA-F61. Therefore, you can place the speaker next to you and listen to TV shows or whatever you want on the TV, without everyone else being forced to hear the sound coming from the TV speakers. Another wonderful specification is the Near Field Communication, or NFC, which make the process of pairing a Bluetooth device with the Samsung DA-F61 Bluetooth Speaker a simpler process. Hold a compatible device up to the NFC logo on the left hand side of the bluetooth device and the speaker turns on finds and connects the devices automatically. To use NFC, you will need an Android device that runs on Android 4.0 or later – if you do not own a device that works on the types of Android mentioned before you will need to download the NFC application.

On the back it has a leg that flips out and permits it to be placed in upright position. In the middle is a cluster of sockets, including a 3.5mm minijack input, a USB port, and a port for the DC power adapter. The last mentioned lets you connect to the mains and charge the built-in lithium-ion battery. If you want to charge it while the stand is flipped out, it can be fed by using the gap in the middle. The Pros of the Samsung DA-F61 Bluetooth Speaker are: the length of the battery life, the incredible design and construction, the surprising loud and refined sound that it offers.

We think that the launch of the Samsung DA-F61 Bluetooth Speaker marks a new era in the industry of music equipments. We were very satisfied with this product’s features and we think that it can significantly improve the life of a music lover.

However, in case you want to offer someone you love even a more interesting speaker, you should definitely opt for a portable bluetooth floating speaker. These devices have become more and more popular on the market in the past years. Besides the fact that they provide high quality sound and 360-degree sound projection, they can double as an amazing decorating item as well. In case you are interested in learning even more about the features of these floating speakers, it is recommended to read some detailed reviews on websites such as You can find these floating speakers in a wide variety of sizes, colours and designs, not to mention that they are also quite affordable.

How to Communicate with Teenagers

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If you are having troubles with your teenage children, you have come to the right place. We have some great ideas on how to communicate with teenagers better. Teenagers can be really difficult to deal with, but try to understand them because even though you may not believe it, it is as difficult for them as it is for you. You were once a teenager yourself, so perhaps you should think about that the next time you are about to engage in a conversation with your teenage child.

The secret to get your children’s attention is by paying attention to them and trying to understand them, even though you may not like the situation or if you do not agree with them, or even if you do not understand what they are talking to you about. Remember, you have different points of view, and what may be important and threatening to their future, for them it may seem unimportant at that moment, and on the contrary, something that may seem totally unimportant to you, could affect them greatly. Also, keep in mind that at this age, their hormones are just really unstable and they can easily get offended and angry. Moreover, you live in two different worlds, even if you are not aware of it and even if it is not true in fact, you actually are living in two different worlds and between these worlds there is a gap even bigger than Marianas Trench.

So, the best advice on how to communicate with teenagers would be to try to put yourself, your younger self in their place and just offer them all the support they need, even though you think they are not at all entitled to have it. Getting your children’s trust is the best thing you can do for your relationship with them. If you want them to change something, you need to put yourself into their shoes, before offering them any advice, or mainly giving them an order. Let us recognize it – we are actually trying to give them orders, without even explaining why it is wrong to act that way or to do that thing.

Finally, it is difficult to know how to communicate with teenagers, but remember to stay calm and to not get angry too fast or preferably at all, if you can. Maintaining calm is an essential aspect when dealing with your teenager. Therefore, your job is to help lead them towards making better choice, so in the future, they will be able to make good choices without your help. In achieving this, you may at some point have to let them decide and even though it will not be the right choice, you need to let them do it and assume its responsibility and learn the consequences of their actions on their own.