Apps you didn’t know you can use for your business

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When it comes to making running a business easy people tend to say nothing works, but in reality if you are searching well enough you will find things that can really help you with this. Nowadays, there are a lot of apps that are available for mobile phones or computers that can come in extremely handy when needed. For instance, there is an app you can find in Google Play that can provide you with a list of all companies in Zimbabwe. Business directories can help your company gain the notoriety needed among clients and boost profits. An app that can easily list all these company can be extremely effective if you know how and when to use it. Of course, there are a lot more applications that can help you run your business if you know where to find them. Here are some examples you might want to know about:


Besides advertising on social media on websites such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn you can try using business directories listings. The app mentioned before offers you a friendly platform that can truly link buyers and sellers. You can simply look either for businesses or clients and find exactly what you need in a specified field. Listing your business and advertising with the help of such app might boost your profits and notoriety. Domains like electronics, agriculture, automotive, engineering, legal and so on can be selected from the popular searches menu. Then, you can simply select the business or client you are looking for and you will get the basic information you need for contacting them.


There are virtual personal assistants that can help you with simple tasks like reminders or alarms. Having to refill your stocks? It just became easy once downloading scheduling apps. You can save your stock lists, set up reminders for each time you need, setting up check lists and many other options. Having such a planner in the palm of your hand will make you much more relaxed than before and you can save some money since you are not hiring anyone to take care of this aspect for you anymore. It is a great option if you simply can’t face every detail you need to memorise, thing that an app will do without any trouble. Try looking for back-up features whenever you download or buy a scheduling app.

Customer service

You can also find apps that allow your clients to ask questions and leave reviews. This way you are making sure you’ll be in constant touch with everyone who uses your services and products and simply wants to become a fidelity client. With customer service apps you are gathering more control upon who uses your services and you are able to modify what doesn’t seem to fit. This option is much easier than having to respond via e-mails or phone numbers all the time. Instead, do connect with your clients with a virtual app that will eventually please everyone.


Trading binary options – things you need to know

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Trading binary options has become a very popular among investors everywhere over the last couple of years. Because the entire process is simple to understand, anyone who wants to become a trader can easily acquire some basic knowledge. There are some aspects involved in the process, aspects you need to keep in mind before placing a trade. From finding a reliable brokerage company, such as 24Option, to learning the basic trading strategies, make sure you have a thorough understanding of the subject before starting your investments.

Learn the basics

Even though, the entire process of trading binary options is not a complicated one, there are some things you need to learn. As the name itself indicates, you only have two alternatives when trading binary options. You will need to choose between the rising and lowering of an asset’s price. The market price can go up or down on a regular basis, and if you have some knowledge regarding this matter, you can feel safe to invest. You will come across the terms put and call, which are used by professional traders to indicate the two trading options. The return that you will benefit from is called payout offer, and depends primarily on the broker you choose. The length of time since the investment begins until it closes is named expiry time. Make sure you have read enough information on the topic, before placing your first trade; this way, you will reduce your risks and maximize your chances of success.

Choose a trading platform

Probably the most important step in becoming a binary options trader is to find a trust-worthy and legit broker. Because there are so many trading platforms out there, it can seem rather difficult for a novice to make a wise choice. You need to properly inform yourself before deciding on a brokerage company or another. The fastest way to discover if a binary option broker is a reliable one is to read as many reviews as you can. You can easily discover which the best brokerage companies are, and which one of them would be a more appropriate choice for you. Check information about the demo account, minimum deposit, bonuses, return rates and withdrawal procedures. For some companies, the minimum deposit amount required can start with 250$, but it can vary from one broker to another. You can benefit from a 100% bonus and other advantages, depending on the trading platform you choose. Therefore, make sure you are dealing with a legit company that gives you the opportunity to invest safely in any asset you choose.

In what asset should you invest?

The best part about trading binary options is that you have plenty of alternatives. There are numerous assets you can invest in; you can opt for either currency exchange or gold or silver, you have plenty of options to choose from. It is best advised to have some proper knowledge about the market before placing your trades. Because the market can easily rise or fall, make sure you stay updated constantly and invest wisely.

Mobile trends to look out for in 2016

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As technology evolves, the mobile environment slowly, but steadily starts to become one of the most used devices in the digital space. Even though laptops and personal computers are evolving as well, users like the fact that they can take a smartphone virtually anywhere and do almost the same things they would do from a laptop has definitely influenced the popularity of these devices. At the same time, the mobile app industry has exploded in the past 2 years, allowing users to do virtually anything. From shopping online to checking their bank account or doing anything else they need, the powerful combination of state-of-the-art smartphones and mobile apps have essentially revolutionized the digital sphere. These are the most important trends that users and business owners should consider:

Faster mobile development


Considering that there are over one billion smartphone around the world constantly connected to the internet, business will have to adapt and develop apps as soon as possible. Even though don’t know how to build an mobile app now have access to dedicated software that allows them to create an app that matches their needs perfectly and manage its content without any problems. 2016 will offer businesses suitable solutions to develop apps in the fastest time possible and rise to the quality expectations of their customers.


Wearable hardware


Even though the smart watch was not an immediate hit, users are slowly starting to catch up with its benefits and 2016 will certainly offer them a lot more options in terms of wearable technology to choose from. But smart watches are not the only thing to look out for this year. Virtual reality headsets ad smart clothing may just as well become more requested by users, allowing companies and developers to come up with various innovative ideas.


Increased app security


Considering how many transactions are made every day through apps and how much information they store, developers will certainly need to work on constantly improving their security and offering users an app that is safe against a possible hacker attack. Cybersecurity is definitely something that all major companies are working on this year and it should come as no surprise the results they will present to the public within the next few months.


Shift of eCommerce to Mobile devices


Since in 2015 almost all major eCommerce platforms considered it was time to make an app of their own, it is interesting to see how this year will unfold and what new apps are in store for us. Certainly apps that are easier to use and offer customers a higher level of security.


All in all these are the main trends that people should look for this year, as they will certainly change the way apps are used and make a lot of things easier. As the mobile world is developing faster than ever and new smartphone offer exciting technology to their users, businesses should definitely invest more in high quality apps and come up with ideas that can attract more users.

iNexxus Explains What Digital Storytelling Is & Why You Should Use It

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Digital storytelling is an innovative form of digital media production, which involves the use of digital tools to tell a story – hence the name. This creative method has gained a lot of popularity in the past years, especially when it comes to digital marketing, and dedicated companies such as iNexxus use it as a creative advertising strategy. This is due to the fact that it combines the ancient art of oral storytelling with different forms of media files, such as pictures, video, animations, sound, music and text—combined with the narrative voice. Unlike traditional storytelling, the digital alternative allows the application of certain effects on the narrative voice (like amplifying or lowering it), in order to be more interactive and reach the viewer’s emotional side. Generally, the main idea in this type of marketing strategy is that by building emotion, one can draw attention to the element (idea, product, service, etc.) they are trying to highlight.

Why is digital storytelling more efficient than regular written content?

It has been proven that the human brain is designed to process images faster than written words, and this is probably the main reason why digital storytelling is much more efficient than traditional content. Statistics show that humans read and understand only about 28% of written information, while they can process about 80% of what they see. This means that people not only prefer to watch (and listen) to a short digital story instead of reading an article, but they are also more likely to select the most relevant pieces of information through this non-conformist method. It takes no longer than a couple of seconds to understand the data transmitted by an image, and this is exactly why digital storytelling is so efficient – the narration is wisely accompanied by relevant pictures and the listener can understand the message immediately. In addition to this, taking into consideration the huge development of mobile marketing and social media, a digital storytelling material is definitely much easier to promote. This type of media is likely to become viral in no time, due to its friendliness, relevance and empathy.

What should a successful visual story include?

Although the combination of image, sound and digital effects is already significantly more appealing than written content—because of its friendliness and originality, there are certain key elements any successful digital story has to include. A digital marketing agency such as iNexxus knows exactly what these elements are and can help you include them in your project. To begin with, the story has to be simple and concise – try a minimalist style and avoid using too many words, because the audience may become confused or bored and therefore lose interest. Memorable statistics and numbers also seem to be quite relevant, since they can generate impact – however, you have to make sure these are current and reliable. Besides these content related elements, remember to make the digital story as shareable as possible, in order to get a wider market reach.

Taking into consideration that the emotional side is exactly what makes this marketing method unique, you need to make sure that you identify the emotional triggers that will pull viewers towards your story. This way, you can build the entire digital media around these triggers.


Types of binary options offered by trade brokers          

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Binary options represent a very serious trading vehicle that allows you to have absolute control over the risk exposure. You have a lot of benefits when you choose to invest in this domain as opposed to others. Because trades are really fast you can benefit from your profit within hours or even minutes. Your profit can be up to 80% and it gives you the chance to invest the amount of money you want. Binary options provide fixed payouts and fixed deadlines for expiration. You have the option of increasing your outcome either by investing or by getting bonuses, like the 24Option Bonus, offered by the broker with the same name. Before placing your trade, you should know that you have plenty of options to choose from.

Forex and Currency Trading Options

Nowadays is a trend to trade two different currencies against each other. There are several reasons to choose this type of trade, because it can be the best option if you are looking to hedge any physical currency purchases you want to make, or if this is your daily strategy to make profit. In addition, it can be useful if you want to buy a property overseas or you want to purchase currency for an upcoming business trip or holiday abroad. You can pair any type of currencies in your trade, such as US dollars and Canadian Dollars. Also, you can opt for pairing Bit coins with US Dollars.

Individual Stocks Binary Options  

If you are not new in this domain, you can take a risk and trade different shares and stocks, without having to buy them. The stocks that are most traded right now on the market are the ones from Microsoft, Vodaphone or Toyota Motors. If you are interested in trading stocks from Social Media, you can try to do this with the ones from Facebook or Twitter. Many traders are interested in banking shares, because lately Banking Industry became a very volatile sector.

Indices Binary Options

These are the most traded Binary Options, because you have the option of predicting if in the future Stock exchanges will have a higher or lower value, than at the moment you place the trade. You can place trades on every Stock Indices you can find, some of the most traded being NASDAQ, CAC 4, DAX or Dow Jones. The advantage of this type of trading is that you will not have to buy shares and stocks in the companies that provide the Indices.

Commodity Binary Options

This type of Binary Option is very popular because it gives you the opportunity of trading on the value of fix commodities. The advantage of trading with fix commodities as Silver or Gold is that you can make profit without having to buy them. People usually trade on Silver, Gold, Oil or Copper. Because they are such expensive commodities, and is allowed to trade on them without having to purchase any item, Binary Options are becoming more popular than ever. Binary Options brokers offer you all these types of trades, you only have to decide which one of them to choose.

All you need to know about 24Option withdrawals

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Although binary options trading offers people the possibility to make money with minimum effort, the truth is that those who engage in this type of trading are frequently subject to many frauds. Brokers in particular like to take advantage of the inexperience of investors and get away with all their money. There are many ways of doing this, like faking trading results or simply not allowing clients access to their earnings. The number of people scammed grows every day, so that it is hard for them to regain their trust in the system. However, there is hope yet thanks to 24Option. The 24Option withdrawal process is designed specifically to ensure that the funds are transferred to the customer in no time. Following are the details you need on 24Option withdrawals.

Withdrawal experience

All the withdrawals performed by the client are processed to the original source of the funds, meaning where you make the minimum deposit. To put it differently, if you deposit the minimum amount by credit card, then the money is transferred to you via credit card. Even though 24Option has a special withdrawal policy, you have numerous possibilities when it comes to accessing your money since the broker supports bank wire transfers and electronic payment as well. Only when you want to withdraw more than you have initially deposited the money is transferred through wire transfer. Nevertheless, you can access your funds at any time, meaning that you do not have to wait days on end. Simply send your request, together with documents supporting your identity, and the broker will get back to you as soon as possible.

Service charges

To have access to your earnings, you will be required to pay certain fees that vary according to the type of account that you have. More precisely, withdrawal form the Standard and Platinum accounts are free of charge, the Gold account entitles the user to one free one per month and the Platinum account grants the user unlimited access to the funds. The fees also depend on the type of method used. For example, there is a 3.5% fee for credit cards, while wireless transfers are set at 30 USD. If you are ever required to make more than one transactions per month, then you will be charged with $30, which is the standard fee in the industry. The best course of action is to eliminate multiple withdrawals to save money since there is no limit to what you can withdraw.

Degree of security

There is nothing more important than money when it comes to accessing your funds. This is the reason why many you should make sure that you will not experience surprises with the broker that you collaborate with. 24Option is not one of those brokers that take extra measure to protect the personal data of the client. The broker’s experience and the solid reputation in the binary options industry guarantee the legitimacy of the broker. Additionally, no one can access your funds in your behalf since the broker requires all clients to confirm their identity. For better protection, 24Option uses SSL technology, that encodes all the transactions of the client.



A short guide to trading with binary options

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Binary options trading has gained an unprecedented popularity in the past few years mainly because of the high returns this form of trading provides and the possibility to execute trades online anywhere in the world. In this guide, we will not focus on what is binary option trading and how to start trading, but insist upon the less known facts from this industry and the things you need to avoid and be aware of especially as a beginner like how to avoid scams and the meaning of a minimum deposit.  It is important to note in the beginning that trading with binary options is only possible through an intermediary also called broker and that you have plenty of options and alternatives in terms of brokers to choose from once you decide to trade. When choosing a binary options broker, you should pay attention to a couple of things we will enlarge upon later in this article such as scams, hidden fees and bonuses, which are all interrelated. For instance, you can tell the reliability of a broker from the fact that they do not ask for a large minimum deposit.  Boss Capital minimum deposit is only $200, a meager sum you can also use to trade and will give you peace of mind when trading with this broker, because they are not interested in making you invest large sums of money in them from the start.

What is a binary options scam and how to avoid it?

The binary options industry has been plagued by scams, which are people with malicious intent that call themselves brokers and trick people in trusting them with their money. It is difficult to tell the difference between a reliable broker and a scam, because they use the same type of platforms and offer the same type of services, with the only difference that the latter will not let you process your withdrawals, use your funds without approval and even steal your identity, which is a greave crime. Unfortunately, the authorities has no way of handling these scams, because transactions are completed via the Internet and the fraud can be anywhere in the world. If you wish to avoid binary options scams, you should check out blacklisted brokers from specialized websites. You will find numerous reviews and testimonials from traders that will help you distinguish frauds from reliable brokers.

What is an acceptable minimum deposit?

Another important thing you need to keep in mind when trading with binary options is that you will need to make a minimum deposit when opening an account on a trading platform. However, each broker has its own rules and fees, so you should read their policy and services carefully to ensure that you will not pay more than necessary. Generally, reliable brokers only ask for a $200 minimum deposit like Boss Capital and this is considered an acceptable sum. Depending on the type of account you have or if you plan to update from the standard account to the next level the minimum deposit can increase.


Understanding the color wheel

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Color theory is essential for graphic design. When used properly, color can help you create a stunning effect, not to mention that it is a central part of any design. Unfortunately, the importance of color in design is often overlooked and designers work with color wheels without properly understanding their purpose and applications. The color wheel was developed to help people understand the relationship between colors, mainly to see which colors are complementary to each other. Graphic designers use the color wheel Photoshop offers to play with color and create sensational effects as well as modify photos and pictures more easily. Choosing a color scheme for your new project is probably the most important and difficult decision you need to make, because color influences the way in which people perceive and interpret the design you create and the message you wish to transmit. This is why understanding the color wheel and its uses is essential for a graphic designer especially in the beginning. Without laying out the foundation, the skills you develop over the years while working in Photoshop will eventually suffer a setback.

What are color models?


There are three primary colors: red, blue and yellow. Mixing any two would result in secondary colors such as purple and orange, while mixing a primary and secondary color will result in tertiary colors. Color wheels have various models of colors and RGB (red green blue) is the most common one. This additive color model defines color spaces by using the red, green and blue, which are considered primary colors in the digital world. CMYK is another popular color model, which is a combination of cyan, magenta, yellow and black. This model is used to improve print quality. Last, but not least is the HSB or HSV model, which is based on color properties: hue, saturation and brightness or value. Hue is the color type or nuance, which can range from 0 to 360°, saturation refers to the intensity of the color and the brightness or value is the luminosity of the color.


Choosing the right color scheme


You should choose your color scheme depending on what you wish to achieve with your design and what message you wish to communicate. Color will influence people and decisions, so a great color scheme choice can make the difference between a very attractive and successful design and a mediocre one. The first thing you should keep in mind is that color should be used in moderation. Using too many colors will only make the design look tacky and confuse the audience. In design, simplicity and impact should be your goals. Therefore, you need to come up with a color scheme limited to three or four colors. Keep in mind that different colors portray different things, so choose blue, if you wish to depict confidence and calmness or yellow for happiness and curiosity.


How NBA online stores influenced the UK sportswear market

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Even though basketball is a sport popular worldwide, the NBA is the competition that sparks the attention of all the fans of this sport. With players such as Michael Jordan, Shaquille O’Neal and Robert Parish, it is easy to understand how this basket league gained its popularity across the world and with its popularity, the NBA sportswear industry also grew. Unfortunately, up until a few years ago, NBA clothes were not available for European fans, but this all changed once the first NBA Shop UK appeared on the online market. This is how such online stores influenced the UK sportswear market:


Considering the difficult process a person had to go through to be able to buy an NBA jersey, as soon as online stores made their way on the market, everyone managed to buy the items they wanted fast and easy. The fact that fans had at their fingertips basketball items with the colours of their favourite teams meant that they could finally offer their support and appreciation properly. In addition, many people feel a certain pride when wearing something in the colours of their team and the fact that they are able to order everything they need online was definitely an added bonus. Even though some NBA clothes might have been available in US stores before, the delivery rates were through the roof, so hardly anyone afforded


Economic boost

NBA online stores definitely offered many local businesses the chance to increase their profits. Whether they made wholesale deals with these providers or they just bought nice uniforms for teams they supported and managed to raise funds for various charitable causes, the fact is that when these items were introduced on the market, they definitely changed something for the better. There are many people who have benefited from the fact that online stores have made NBA clothes available on the UK market and the fact that such stores continue to attract customers only means that fans of this sport support them.


NBA became more popular

Even though there were many NBA fans in the UK before online stores made it possible for them to buy NBA sportswear, after these websites made their way on the market, many people showed an increased interest towards this competition. When people started to browse through the sports clothes available on various websites or noticed them at their friends, they soon started to take an interest themselves in this basketball event and even try to play this sport themselves.


To conclude, online stores have definitely influenced the UK sportswear market. Whether they helped local businesses or they just made these products accessible to NBA fans, such clothing is now available online and can be ordered by anyone with just a few clicks. From jerseys to caps and other accessories, if you are a basketball fan, you can rest assured that you will be able to find the items you need to show your support and appreciation for a certain team of player.

Why take the time to read reviews on brokers?

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Lately, binary options have turned out to be a rather interesting way to make additional financial gains. Indeed this method enjoys quite a serious amount of popularity among the large public. More and more people seem to be curious about those successful binary options strategies and of course brokers. Certainly, if you are part of this category, you must have stumbled upon several 24Options or Boss Capital reviews. If you are wondering why one should spend the time to reading these reviews, then here is your answer. Here are the reasons for which all individuals interested in successfully trading with binary options should focus on finding a few helpful, adequately made reviews.

Proper protection

When stumbling upon a greatly written review, you will notice that it analyzes all the features of a broker, pointing out which options are best for your needs. The world of binary options is one that can be highly profitable, but at the same time it is filled with risks and threats. It is important to find one binary option broker that can respect the trader’s interest more than its own profit. By reading reviews you are in fact guided towards a safe and secure option, one that will not put your finances at any risk. So, make sure you do read a few reviews before starting to trade with binary options.


Proper guidance

There are dedicated websites that have been created for this purpose and this purpose only, to guide those who want to trade with binary options successfully of course. These online platforms usually bring forward reviews about those dependable, professional brokers all traders can trust. By finding out exactly what your options are, you will make better choices. In a market that is so diverse, so rich in options, being properly guided towards the correct alternatives could very well mean the difference between a successful trading operation and a financial loss.


Establishing your own judgment


There is one more reason for which reading reviews will prove to be a wise decision. Reviews follow certain points, their aim being to separate dedicated brokers from those that are less trustworthy. When reading a review, surely you will notice the manner in which it is structured and the aspects that are analyzed. After reading a few of them you come to realize what is important when choosing a broker. Soon, you will be able to set aside trusted brokers from those less professional, all on your own, as you would have identified the correct judgment.


As you can see, you have three good reasons to take on reading reviews. As long as these reviews come from a trustworthy source, then they will certainly fulfill the tasks mentioned above. Try not to undermine these analyses, as these have the power to teach you the right criteria based on which a broker is analyzed. In the end, how can you trade without a broker? Thus, search the market for that dedicated, professional source and turn it into your partner. Once you manage this, binary options will certainly become profitable.

The answer to all your questions regarding CherryTrade

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Changes and novelties are a common sight in our modern day world which is precisely why keeping track of all these innovations can become a tricky and difficult task. In the field of binary options trading, the number of brokers appearing on the market all the time is larger and larger and the amount of questions that are raised regarding their reliability, functions and services seem to be increasing as well in an equally high rate. Therefore, here are some of the main aspects one needs to know about a recently launched broker which has already made a lot of waves in the industry: CherryTrade. The question the CherryTrade scam is myth or reality has lurked on all our minds, but we are about to unveil the answer today for all of you who might be interested in developing a career or earning income using this broker.

First of all, CherryTrade is a fairly new addition in this field being one of the few recent brokers to gain such a high level of popularity and become so appreciated in a small period of time. This being said, it was only natural that controversies related to its trustworthiness would begin to appear but you should rest assured because CherryTrade is in fact as reliable as it is efficient. The Gibraltar based broker is available in two languages, English and Arabic, and it comes with full time support via email and live chat, as well as a free of charge dedicated phone line which is always helpful. The transparency of the company and the professional approach towards trading is visible in many aspects of the way CherryTrade operates. To give just one example, the prices shown on the platform are derived directly from Reuters, thus putting an end to any speculation of price manoeuvring.


And although it has not been on the binary options market for long, the broker delivers services which can rival any of the major brands or leaders of the industry. In fact, the professional features and functions of the platform are exactly what has made people question its safety. Following the principle “it’s too good to be true”, many have disregarded CherryTrade from the get-go but the truth of the matter is that there are few other solutions on the market nowadays which can be so easy to use and attractive for beginner traders as this one is.


What makes it so popular especially amongst the newcomer segment of the trading world is the fact that the minimum deposit size and minimum trade account are both extremely low, allowing ample space for manoeuvre without serious investments on behalf of the users. The trading platform used here is the well-known SpotOption, which stands out as a result of the speed and excellent user interface. The fact that CherryTrade has no demo account does not seem to discourage traders, especially since the initial deposit amounts are low enough for anyone to afford them. All in all, there is no reason to consider that this broker is nothing else but perfect and a breath of fresh air to the industry.

How to convert a PSD to WordPress theme?

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When you create a website, there are two essential things that you need to keep in mind: the design and the code. Without an aesthetically appealing and intuitive design or a functional and efficient code, your website will be incomplete and difficult to use. In order to create good design, you require the help of a creative graphic designer, while code should be written by people with great attention to detail that also know programming very well. If you do not know how to work in Photoshop or other similar programs and you have not mastered PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript, creating a website is impossible. Fortunately, WordPress stands at your disposal with a user-friendly interface that allows users to create quality websites without requiring specialized knowledge whatsoever. This is a perfect example pf content management system (CMS) created with the user in mind. However, creating a custom website is a challenge even in WordPress, because converting PSD to WP requires the involvement of someone with Photoshop and coding knowledge. If you wish to learn how to convert PSD to WordPress and create a quality website with a customized design and function, you need to follow a couple of steps. For someone familiar with design and code writing, these steps will be easy to follow, while others will probably need to resort to specialized help.

Step 1: slicing

In order to integrate an image from Photoshop into a website, you first need to slice/divide it into multiple files that correspond with various components that make up a website design such as header, separator, background and footer. You cannot code the design as a whole. In fact, websites are made from multiple imaged sewn together through coding. This way, each component can have its own functionality and purpose. Before you convert PSD to WordPress, you need to make sure that you have all components of the website separated. Keep in mind that some features such as embedded images need to be cut exactly as they are, while others such as the background and colors can be created dynamically, so you do not need to cut the m in entirety.


Step 2: index.html and style.css

After slicing the design, you need to code the resulted images into HTML or XHTML format and style them using CSS. You cannot complete this step without a good understanding of coding, because the purpose of this step is to give functionality to each component of the design. This is also when programmers need to modify the CSS to make the website responsive, if that is what the customer desires. The need for a PSD to WordPress expert is clearly felt at this point. You can also try learning CSS and HTML, but that will take some time and learning just the basics will not help you with this task.


Step 3: breaking index.html

The purpose of converting PSD to WP is to create a theme that will be uploaded into WordPress. This means that you need to design the HTML file according to the file structure of a WordPress theme. This is why you will be required to break the HTML file into multiple files just as you did with the PSD depending on the structure of the theme.


Step 4: adding WordPress tags

The beauty of WordPress is the fact that you can use inbuilt function tags to give functionality to a website without lifting a finger. The numerous inbuilt functions are the main reason why WordPress is so popular, because it gives your website functionality without requiring HTML knowledge. Everyone can use these tags to create a complex website with functions that meet their requirements and needs. You will not need to write complex HTML codes in order to make the website work, add the inbuilt tags on the theme files you just made and that is all. After you complete this step, you can finally activate your custom theme through your WP dashboard.


Step 6: adding functionality

You can also add other functionalities to your custom WordPress theme by installing plugins. Again, this is something everyone can do with a simple search at the Plugin section while in their dashboard. Installing also takes only a hit of a button and the function you want to add will start doing its job immediately. You can also modify a functionality that you already have with the help of the intuitive dashboard. You can have a new slider without having to learn coding and instead of embedding the functionality; you can simply install a plugin accessible to everyone using this content management system.

Innovation in salon management

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Innovation takes many forms, as it can be molded to fit any idea and any concept in any field or domain. As far as salon management is concerned, the latest innovation took the shape of scheduling or appointment software, an app designed especially for salon managers and stylists who need and wish for an easier, more efficient and proficient way to manage clients, appointments and even inventory. There are several types of software in this field, a good example being MyCuts App, and each brings its own perspective to the table, but just as in any domain, some apps are better than others and if you want to make sure that you are investing in the right software, then you need to know what this piece of innovation must deliver, or better yet, what the best of them are able to deliver.

As mentioned above, the main innovation that salon apps bring is the possibility to handle the management of all repetitive tasks through one, simple application. From all the details of the appointments to all the details of each client, as well as inventory and stock levels, everything one needs to efficiently and easily manage a salon can be found in such an app. The scheduling function enables stylists to more simply handle appointments, making full use of a responsive app, which can also have a reminder function, therefore limiting or completely eliminating the risk of no shows. It also enables stylists to manage their time more effectively, in order not to over book a day, or to schedule too few appointments during a day. It is important for stylists to allow enough time to cater to each client and make them feel welcomed and relaxed, not as if they were rushing through. To that effect, time management is essential and being able to rely on an app that helps you manage appointments and durations more accurately is greatly helpful.


Salon management is not just about handling appointments and managing time the most efficient way possible, it is also about managing clients, in the sense of having a detailed record of their past services, their preferences and other detailed information that helps stylists offer services effectively. As already mentioned, clients are most satisfied with a salon when they feel pampered and important and when enough attention is given to them and a salon software or application like MyCuts App can help you do that, which is greatly innovative. Not only that, but these apps usually come with stock functions as well, allowing salon managers and stylists to more easily keep tabs on equipment and products, so that the salon is always properly supplied. Having all this help at one’s fingertips is, without any doubt, an invaluable innovation in the field of salon management and if you find an app that provides all the above-mentioned features, then it is definitely worth the investment.

The relevance of implementing Cisco call accounting software

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In the age of technology and constant innovation, the name of Cisco is synonym with excellence and a continuous aspiration to achieve greatness in terms of system development and technological breakthroughs. One of the well-known and highly appreciated Cisco solutions available on the market today  is the CDR reporting software, a proficient tool used by modern day companies in order to ease the movement of correct experienced towards the suitable endpoint through a specialized call control platform. The core functions of CDR or Call Detail Records software include obtaining the diagnosis of the information in the system and storing important call history elements. In comparison to the other type of product offered by the Cisco group, which is called CMR, the Call Detail Records solution is able to provide accurate storage of data and call records and preserve all of the details gathered by the Cisco call manager processing that information. Indeed, the CDR is a highly versatile and extremely useful tool to have in the modern day corporate environment, but what can its functions bring forth in addition to the above? And why is the Cisco call accounting software such a definitively demanded or sought after functionality in the present? Stick with us and you will find out everything in just a matter of minutes!

There is no denying as to the relevance of adopting and implementing Cisco software and their incredible solutions overall, but there are many company managers and business entrepreneurs who are still not familiar with the numerous benefits brought by the call accounting systems produced by this worldwide recognized brand. Call Accounting is responsible for the configuration and outline of rate tables linked to every CCM or UCM Cluster. It makes it incredibly easy for the company’s members to determine the general and full costs of the domestic or local as well as the international calls derived from the company. This enables the firm management or department representatives to identify and quantify savings. Apart from the fact that the software enables a higher ease of calculating costs for call, it also provides a high personalization of the rate tables towards the gateway or final device of destination. On-net calls and toll by-pass ones can also have a clearer identification of the cost reductions or savings with the help of this amazing technology.


To see the full list of advantages and better understand the relevance held by these incredible technology options, read through the extensive pages of information published by one of the best websites in the field, such as All in all, there is an immense relevance or significance to resort to this sort of option at any company. The main features of this software include but do not stop at its large functionality, versatility and incredible results which occur each and every time, regardless if your firm is the owner of 100 phones or as much as 10.000 ones! Reduce the costs you endure and increase the productivity of your establishment with this incredible Cisco solution.

Online casinos – the proof of ongoing innovation

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Ever since the arrival of the Internet and the expansion of the IT field, there have been plenty of things and processes that could be classified as innovative, numerous gadgets, applications, tools and so on. Some of these cutting edge technologies have been designed and developed with the purpose of helping businesses, companies, workers and institutions of all sorts conduct their daily operations better and faster, but others have been developed with entertainment purposes in mind. The online gambling arena is an undeniable proof to that extent, as numerous and various online casinos and betting platforms have been developed for passionate punters and gamblers to have a more facile and quicker access to their hobby. However, when it comes to online casino games and betting platforms, their arrival did not suffice and developers and companies in the field have constantly tried to improve performance and provide users with more and more features.

At first, most Internet casinos and online bookmakers provided a basic platform where gamblers could play or bet on basic markets. They would feature online casino games such as poker or blackjack that were operated by a standard, automated dealer. However, after a while gamblers would not feel the thrill and excitement of a live, brick and mortar casino and they would get bored by the same, simple poker or roulette tables. To that extent, web casinos were improved and they began featuring live tables, which means poker, blackjack or roulette tables that were operated by a live dealer. This made things a lot more impressive and exciting, but the innovation didn’t stop here either. Due to the fact that operational costs were much lower for a virtual casino than for a live one, companies could afford to invest in the diversification of the online games and gambler could soon find a much wider variety of casino games online than in any other casino. Passionate poker players could enjoy several types of poker, gamblers who wanted to try their luck at the roulette tables could choose from American Roulette, European Roulette or Roulette Pro, most platforms added a wide range of slots and video poker machines to their website, thus offering players even more options.


The continuous innovation of online casinos and betting platforms was not only reflected by the diversification of games and markets, but also by the infrastructure of the websites. As technology advanced, these websites enjoyed a higher performance, better graphics and visuals, faster loading times, which finally resulted in a better user experience for gamblers. These aspects were very important, especially for those playing live online casino games, for whom a page freeze or a delay could mean losing money. All in all, online casinos and gambling or betting platforms have known a long way since their first appearance, from a technological point of view, and for sure their improvement and development is not done.

The many uses of camera drones

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The UAV technology was first developed for military purposes, but it became available for commercial services for several years now. At first the Federal Aviation Administration made it illegal for companies or individuals to hire UAV services, but recently that ban was lifted and many companies, in a variety of fields and industries began resorting to such services. The truth is that unmanned aerial vehicles or drones, as they are also called, have numerous and diverse applications and they are now available in many parts of the world, from the US to Australia. In fact, if you were to be searching for drones Australia, you would be surprise to find that there are multiple providers ready for hire, offering a range of services. This innovation has opened up a whole new series of possibilities, especially in photography and video production, a field that promises great features with the help of camera drones.

So far, these have been mainly used for TV commercial and advertising spots, greatly facilitating the shooting of short videos and films, offering sweeping views and shots from the sky. However, camera drones don’t limit their usage to commercial spots and they can also be largely used for feature films, short films and TV intros. These invaluable tools also have the benefit of reducing shooting costs, as producers and directors can achieve stable and beautiful sky views without using expensive and heavy gear, such as spider cam rigs, dollies and cranes and other such stuff. Photographers also admitted to having their field completely revolutionized by the possibility of aerial photography and the use of camera drones in Australia, in the United States or across Europe. Framing has become a lot easier and quicker, as has setting up a shot and getting compositions with an increased level of control. The drones can be used not only for entertainment filming or artistic photography, but also for real estate aerial video and photography, which helps real estate agents and companies put together better presentations for their clients, offering them more exhaustive views of a certain property, as well as a more interactive and eye catching presentation.


Camera drones can also be sued for corporate videos or for documentaries, especially if they are about a certain region and the video has to show a big landscape. Aerial shots of a particular region or landscape can significantly improve the quality and relevance of the documentary. UAV cinematography has also been used for events, particularly for weddings. There are many media companies that offer camera drones in Australia, but not only, for wedding videos and photographs, which really makes them unique. An aerial shot of the ceremony or of the dance floor while the new couple enjoys their first dance will definitely have a greater impact and represent a cherished memory. All things considered, camera drones have become invaluable tools in the world of photography and cinematography today, representing one of the biggest and most exciting novelty in this age of innovation.


Promotional staff jobs – one step into the future

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In the modern day times when developments occur in every single field of activity, there is a high emphasis put on discovering the newest and best methods, means and technologies. This is applicable in every area of the working field and especially in the service sector where developments and changes occur at a much faster pace that in any other place. Not to mention the speed at which marketing and advertising methods and means are changing in the latest years! The truth of the matter is that marketing in particular has been struck by a wave of changes and these involve major shifting towards more modern and customer oriented approaches towards building a company reputation. This is exactly the reason why promotional campaigns and the agencies that develop them have been thriving and expanding further and further than ever before. In addition to this, there is a significant switch in the way that promotional staff jobs are evolving as well. In order to understand the nature of these changes and fully comprehend how the field of advertising is being innovates, stick with us as were are about to detail some og the modern or contemporary approaches towards branding and raising awareness in comparison to the older, traditional types of marketing, as well as the role fo promotional staff in every stage of time.

On the one hand, there is the traditional marketing with its classical campaigns and visual or audio messages, which are sometimes combined in order to create a national and even international advertising tool. These classical methods were and still are effective today, but despite this fact an increasing number of businesses have begun to resort to much more than these basic campaigns. In the past, there was no need for marketing personnel on location and promotional staff jobs because all of the advertising tools were created in an office by a specializes team of experts which then passed their ideas forward towards their final creation, either in the form of a TV commercial, radio add or imagery to be displayed all over the target areas.


On the other hand, the world of today has seen a much more competitive market with many companies and brands struggling to stay afloat and dividing up smaller and smaller number of potential clients. And when it comes to the start up firms and their road to success, the plot gets even thicker. All of these companies and businesses from around the globe are fighting for larger shares of the market and this is precisely where the promotional models and experts in this form of marketing come to the rescue and provide firms with a solid and reinforced position if compared to their opponents. In addition to this, the large diversity of models for promotional activities and the variety of events which can be great opportunities for companies to showcase their products or explain their services are further reasons which have helped make these innovative means of advertising more sought after than ever before.

The importance of IT blogs

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The world of IT has grown greatly, being responsible for much of the success of the world of technology. IT specialists seem to be more and more sought after by companies, their services being highly appreciated. Indeed, few are the companies that do not have an IT department and these are usually small family businesses that most likely, are not even on the online world. IT has certainly managed to infiltrate itself within all the domain and fields of activity, becoming a true necessity. For this very reason, business owners will waste no time when it comes to finding IT specialists. Their services are gold and this will surely motivate entrepreneurs to choose only the best on the market, irrespective of the financial demands they might have. However, the IT domain is known for its changing nature.

What matters greatly in this domain is expertise. As there is an impressive number of changes, IT specialists have to stay informed and keep reading all sorts of information. Some choose to follow various online classes that are meant to explain IT language’s that will be later on used in programing. Others specialize in web design and for them reading blogs or articles on specific topics comes in handy. For instance, if you wanted to discover the complete Linux commands list that would ease up your work and diminish the time necessary to complete various tasks, you could search online and start reading different blogs. You might be wondering what the fuss about blogs really is all about. The reality is that these days, you can find practically anything regarding the world of computers and IT by means of these articles or blogs, if you will. There are online platforms tat present readers with an entire list of articles referring to different IT topics. Although you could find similar information by following certain IT classes, most specialists or IT enthusiasts seem to drawn to blogs, as these represent a simpler, cheaper and faster method of learning all about the changes that have come about in this world. Moreover, articles of this kind explain the matter from the perspective of a user. Basically, you have the opinion of person who has already tried a particular method and is capable of bringing forward advantages, as well as disadvantages. Moreover, the article might even offer the reader a few solutions that could be applied.


When it comes to the world of IT, information travels fast. Therefore, entrepreneurs will find the specialists they are looking for. As a word of advice, a better strategy of discovering the right individuals for the IT department would be that of hiring less experienced IT specialists, who have a real desire to learn more and who are willing to discover the novelties in this domain. IT blogs are easy to read, the language is comprehensible, offering the much needed details and specialists of all levels are taken into consideration. Thus, articles of this kind should be taken into consideration when learning about what is new in this world.

How to get the PAX Jax skin

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A player’s commitment for a game is shown not only by his or her results, but also by the investments made in that game. It is common knowledge that games such as League of Legends have generated a worldwide phenomenon, especially in terms of skin acquisition. The average player usually chooses classic skins and few are the people who buy skins from the riot store, let alone take part in special events in order to get skins as a reward. However, those who see League of Legends as more than a simple multiplayer online batter arena will always be interested in getting new skins for their champions. If you play with Jax, then you have probably heard about the skins that were made for him: Vandal, Jaximus, PAX Jax and The Mighty Jax. While three of them are not that uncommon and you can get them quite easily, PAX Jax is known to be one of the hardest to obtain. This skin was given at PAX events and now it is not available any more, not even in the official store. Therefore, if you want to buy it, then you will have to look for it on websites that specialize in selling exclusive skins.

In terms of features, the skin does not bring anything special, but it offers a funny look that resembles Cardboard Tube Samurai from Penny Arcade. In fact, few skins are wanted for their features and it is appearance that makes players invest in them. Besides, Jax is one of the most interesting champions in the game, having evolved more after the game started, not before that. If yo love League of Legends, then it’s normal to want to get your hands on an exclusive skin for Jax. However, keep in mind that if you want to stand out from other players, you will have to go the extra mile and look beyond the conventional options. For best results, you should visit websites that specialize in the selling of rare LoL skins. You can purchase them online and then unlock both the skin and the champion, taking your gaming experience to the next level.


No matter what skins you would like to buy, make sure you work with a provider than can offer you assistance in installing the skin. Needless to say, you should only choose reliable websites that. Ever since League of Legends has grown in popularity, the number of champion skins providers that increased exponentially and not all of them are trustworthy. Even though it’s possible to come across giveaways sometimes, keep in mind that skins such as PAX Jax come at a price and you have to invest a certain amount of money to get them. Last, but not least, check whether or not your skin is available for the server you are playing on: North America, Western Europe, North and Eastern Europe and Oceania. Most websites sell skins that are available on all LoL servers, but you should check anyway, so as to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Dishwasher Remote Management and Reviews Apps

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When it comes to imagining the future, most of us picture or have pictured numerous machines that have managed to take over those tasks we find tiring or bothersome. Whether we admit it or not, life in all its complexity can be overwhelming, so it is normal to dream of a world where we have fewer concerns, especially of the mundane, daily kind. This future that we imagine is not so far away however, and we already rely on a lot of appliances and gadgets to make our lives easier. Coming to add a new level of management to that is the new interest in apps for mobile devices which help us control our appliances remotely, via internet.

One such app is the Portable Dishwasher app, launched by PD Apps, and which aims to help users find the best portable dishwasher for them. In case you’re not so sure what a portable dishwasher is, the main difference between it and a normal dishwasher is that you can move this one around the house, or even outdoors; it is generally a bit smaller in size, but otherwise it has all the normal functions you would expect. Thus, the app helps you search and browse for dishwashers in an organized manner, compiling the information available on the internet in one place. Moreover, the app brings you news, videos, photos and updates on anything related to portable dishwashers, and even info about great deals that might be available for you.

A similar product is the Dishwasher Reviews app, except this one includes all types of dishwashers, from all important brands. You get to see in an organized and streamlined fashion news, photos, videos and tutorials related to dishwashers, read consumer reviews, find out interesting and useful facts about these appliances, and read about the latest products on the market. Now, shopping for a new dishwasher will be easier than ever, and you won’t have to waste hours on the internet and in shops just for one appliance. However, if you want to make some comparisons as well, or make sure the reviews you read are accurate, you can also browse websites like, and get all the data you need.

Finally, we want to recommend you an app that helps you manage all appliances and electronics in your home. The App is called Ube; you install it on your mobile device and then, via WiFi, you can connect it to more than 200 devices in your home or otherwise; this will allow you to control temperature around the house if you have such a system, to turn lights off and on, or monitor to see what uses most electricity, and you can even use your phone’s screen to switch between channels on TV. For those with busy lives, children or multiple homes, the Ube app can be quite useful; for example, it allows parents to monitor how much and what TV their children watch. Similarly, the app will help monitor and manage appliances around the house, such as dishwashers or washing machines, but the possibilities are endless.