All you need to know about 24Option withdrawals

Written by Bruce Hughes on . Posted in Apps


Although binary options trading offers people the possibility to make money with minimum effort, the truth is that those who engage in this type of trading are frequently subject to many frauds. Brokers in particular like to take advantage of the inexperience of investors and get away with all their money. There are many ways of doing this, like faking trading results or simply not allowing clients access to their earnings. The number of people scammed grows every day, so that it is hard for them to regain their trust in the system. However, there is hope yet thanks to 24Option. The 24Option withdrawal process is designed specifically to ensure that the funds are transferred to the customer in no time. Following are the details you need on 24Option withdrawals.

Withdrawal experience

All the withdrawals performed by the client are processed to the original source of the funds, meaning where you make the minimum deposit. To put it differently, if you deposit the minimum amount by credit card, then the money is transferred to you via credit card. Even though 24Option has a special withdrawal policy, you have numerous possibilities when it comes to accessing your money since the broker supports bank wire transfers and electronic payment as well. Only when you want to withdraw more than you have initially deposited the money is transferred through wire transfer. Nevertheless, you can access your funds at any time, meaning that you do not have to wait days on end. Simply send your request, together with documents supporting your identity, and the broker will get back to you as soon as possible.

Service charges

To have access to your earnings, you will be required to pay certain fees that vary according to the type of account that you have. More precisely, withdrawal form the Standard and Platinum accounts are free of charge, the Gold account entitles the user to one free one per month and the Platinum account grants the user unlimited access to the funds. The fees also depend on the type of method used. For example, there is a 3.5% fee for credit cards, while wireless transfers are set at 30 USD. If you are ever required to make more than one transactions per month, then you will be charged with $30, which is the standard fee in the industry. The best course of action is to eliminate multiple withdrawals to save money since there is no limit to what you can withdraw.

Degree of security

There is nothing more important than money when it comes to accessing your funds. This is the reason why many you should make sure that you will not experience surprises with the broker that you collaborate with. 24Option is not one of those brokers that take extra measure to protect the personal data of the client. The broker’s experience and the solid reputation in the binary options industry guarantee the legitimacy of the broker. Additionally, no one can access your funds in your behalf since the broker requires all clients to confirm their identity. For better protection, 24Option uses SSL technology, that encodes all the transactions of the client.