5 Tips for Newborn Care

Written by Bruce Hughes on . Posted in Family

Bringing home your baby can be scary as well as exciting, too. Newborns have a lot of needs that must be met in order to keep them happy and most of all, to keep them healthy. The first year of life is very important as many changes occur during their first year. If you do not know what to expect for the first weeks with your baby at home, we have encompassed for you a list of 5 tips for newborn care. These tips were gathered from other new parents and pediatric specialists.

  • Take care of yourself.

This is the best advice for new parents, especially for new mothers, that is why it is first among the 5 tips for newborn care. Do not use caffeine to keep you awake, instead sleep whenever you get the chance: when the baby sleeps, make sure you get a good night sleep or day naps. Create a nighttime schedule with your partner so both of you can get as much rest as you can. If you are tired you will not be able to take proper care of the baby, so that is why it is very important to take care of yourself.

  •  Set visiting rules

Friends and family will eventually want to come over to admire your baby. You need to establish some visiting rules with your partner. Aspects like: visiting days, visiting hours, hygiene (washing their hands before holding the baby, also anyone who is ill should not come visiting). Trusted visitors can even give you a hand with the baby and they also can look after the baby while you get some rest, so do not be afraid to suggest them this.

  • Be careful how you hold the baby

This is a very important tip among the “5 tips for newborn care” list. Your baby’s neck is very fragile so you need to support the head when holding the baby upright or when laying them down.

  • Relax your standards

Now that you have a baby, you cannot get absolutely everything done. Therefore it is OK if you do not have time to prepare a hot cooked dinner every evening because you are too tired Just serve milk with cereals or peanut butter sandwiches or ham sandwiches.

  •  Expect a tornado of emotions

One second you might be adoring those tiny hands and the next second you might start crying and worrying that you do not have enough time for yourself anymore, or for anything else instead of the baby and you might start doubting your ability to take care of the newborn.