Written by Bruce Hughes on . Posted in Computer Innovations

If you take time to analyse the job market in the past years, you will soon discover that a new trend is taking shape: freelancing. It seems that lately, more and more people have forgotten about traditional work places, preferring to opt for a flexible job. Whether they have a full time job, but choose to make some extra money working as a freelancer, or they simply cannot stand the idea of going to an office day after day, individuals from all over the world have decided to give this new trend a shot. For this reason, specialists have seen themselves obliged to admit that being a freelancer is an occupation as popular as any other. While ages ago, this type of working was considered by many a waste of time, nowadays mentalities have changed and a lot of people are full-time freelancers. Here are some of the reasons why this activity became so popular:

There are plenty of options

Although in the beginning, freelancing was limited to certain domains and occupations, nowadays it has managed to reach multiple sectors of the job market: business, technology, architecture and design, translation or even marketing. You may be surprised to discover that there are plenty of companies willing to hire freelancers, and for good reason. The practice is quite beneficial, for both parties. One the one hand, the employer can choose from a large pool of trained individuals, while on the other, freelancers present their skills, experience and preferences, having access to multiple opportunities.


Modern society has led to flexibility on the job market

Modern society is one of the main elements that have contributed to the expansion of this practice. Decades ago, people were supposed to have a stable job in a pre-definite domain, but today these social standards have disappeared. In addition to this, globalization and technology have also played an important role. Nowadays, it is no longer soothing strange to work remotely for a company located in another city or even country. What is more, since communication and media have reached such a high level of performance, companies can afford to hire people who can work remotely, from home. Most of the times, freelancing involves task performed by the use of a computer, which is monitored constantly, so their work can be supervised step by step.


You pay (and get paid) for what you receive (or give)

Freelancing is actually a niched activity: you can hire someone to take care of a particular task, without having to open a new position in the company or hiring someone for an undefined period of time. The same goes for freelancers: they get a temporary job and are paid only for a certain task, without having to do other nagging activities.


In order to streamline the matching and selection process, there are plenty of dedicated online platforms that people can use to find opportunities. Currently, finding a job or filling a vacancy has never been easier: all you need to do is visit a specialised portal, create and account and promote the services you offer or the ones you need.